Monday, 17 December 2012

Looks like planning fees to increase by 20%, amongst other things

From today's 'Planning & Building' Government e newsletter

...Planning Reform: Following discussions with COSLA leaders and other key stakeholders, The Minister for Local Government and Planning Derek Mackay has announced a way forward on various aspects of the reform package.  This includes an increase in planning fees by 20%, the formation of a high level group to review performance, and additional funding to help authorities deal with wind turbine applications. 

Also, 'Inspirational Designs' - range expanded

Also, ...The links below take you to details of current Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division, and wider Scottish Government work of relevance to planning. It is used by PAD territorial planners to inform planning authorities of current work and provide key contacts.

...Planning and Architecture Division -  Introductory Events: PAD will be hosting more 2 day sessions to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the role of the Scottish Government in planning. Further information is available in an outline. If you are interested in attending please e-mail Iain McLeod

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