Friday, 9 April 2010

Back from Easter Break

APTSec is finding it difficult to catch up with the planning stuff after visiting friends and relatives over Easter.

With an election fast approaching uppermost in the mind is:

Of all the politicians APTSec has contacted and spoken to on planning issues over the last few years:

Who has impressed me most and shown the clearest indication that they have the brains to grasp the issues and are genuinely acting in the public interest?

What does the written and verbal evidence to date show?

Well, that would be telling...My lips are sealed and it is between me and the ballot paper.

Views welcome

Where does the Council Spend its budget?

Budget Consultation (from THC web pages)

Click here to find out - pages 10 and 11.

Costs include (out of a total of 604m) :

Computer, Communications and Tech contract at 14.6m

Repayment of borrowing at £45.9m

Children and Education 235m

Social Work 109.5m

Roads / Transport 27.5 - road / winter maintenance and street cleaning forms a big part

Environmental Services 39m (approx) - includes waste disposal, street cleaning, burials, public toilets and environmental health.

Mix of other services 44m

'Savings' of 36m are needed

Will you be taking part in the consultation?