Thursday, 24 January 2013

Highland Council web site appears to be malfunctioning

I find I am unable to access the Council's web pages at the moment from their home page.  I have just tried calling the council to report this - presumably I am not the only one with problems with the site - and they are experiencing high call volumes but the first option when you phone is to press '1' to hear about using the web site.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Know Your Council"

A very informative and colourful glossy from THC telling you who is who at the Local Authority

Planners on the Telly

'Planning' reports

...A new fly-on-the-wall documentary that promises to 'lift the lid' on the work of council planning officers will be shown on BBC2 next week.

The Planners starts its eight-episode run on Thursday, 31 January, and will focus on planners working in different local authorities across the UK, including in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, the Scottish Borders and Gloucestershire...the series would "show the lengths homeowners will go to protect their properties from disputes with renewable energy companies intent on building wind farms" as well as "battles with developers over large-scale housing developments"...

Full item here