Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Road consultations

Three further options to be analysed for Inverness City West Link

Plus announcement of consultation:

Dingwall Kinnairdie Link Road project consultation

Urgent review of fire prevention building standards called for

The Chairman of The Highland Council’s Planning, Environment and Development Committee is calling for the Scottish Government to urgently review the recent changes to building legislation regarding water supply for fire fighting which are having a serious detrimental effect on housing development in the Highlands.

A new mandatory building standard requires every new house to have a water supply for fire fighting and this will add to the construction costs. Previously domestic buildings were exempt from complying with this standard.

Councillor Ian Ross said: “There has been no consultation with local authorities over this change and while no one wants to be complacent about the risk of fire, we also need to ensure that people looking to build their homes in rural locations are not burdened with onerous costs. Due to the geography of our area this issue is important as it impacts on so many people at a time when we are actively promoting development in the countryside through our Development Plan.

Text from HC press release here

Friday, 27 May 2011

What will the Reporter say!

Planning authorities are required to prepare local development plans for their area. These are to replace the previous local plans.

If representations have been made to the planning authority about the plan and any matters of dispute have not been resolved, the planning authority must submit the plan to the Scottish Ministers for examination. Ministers will appoint a person, or persons (normally Scottish Government Reporters), to carry out the examination. The arrangements for the examination will be made by the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals.

On 4 May 2011 The Highland Council submitted the Proposed Highland wide Local Development Plan to Scottish Ministers for examination. The Scottish Ministers appointed Mr Trevor A Croft BSc Dip TRP ARSGS FRSA MRTPI, and Mr Malcolm Mahony BA(Hons) MRTPI on 18 May 2011 to carry out the examination of the Highland wide Local Development Plan 2010 in accordance with Section 19(3) of the amended Town and Country Planning Scotland Act 1997. Additional Reporters may be appointed to support the delivery of the report.

The Government Notice of the Appointment of the Reporters states that:

" order to comply with Section 19(7) of the Act, the examination will not commence until four weeks from the date of the appointment which is the 18 May 2011."

It seems that details of the progress of this Examination will only be available through the local authority web pages.