Saturday, 23 June 2012

Enormous potential in wind - as long as 'savvy' developers engage openly with communities

A couple of thought provoking items from the pages of the 'Invicta' web site

Wind came to mind today after I noticed this article in the P and J after my usual trawl through blogs, papers and  web sites  this morning 

'Windfarms scramble feared over target list'

I searched through google with key words from the article to see if I could find any further information or detail.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

'A Bold Programme'

From a Press Release on THC web site

...The Highland Council’s Leadership today (Thursday) launched a “bold and ambitious” programme of priorities for action over the next five years.

...Council Leader Drew Hendry said:  “We have set out a bold programme, which is ambitious but deliverable.

...The Council would work with the Scottish Government, Housing Associations and the private sector to help to deliver 5,000 new homes by 2017.  This would include at least 600 council homes and other affordable homes. 

...The Council would work with all governments to deliver infrastructure projects to support employment and connect Highland communities. Working with the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and partners, the Council would strongly support the upgrade of the Berriedale Braes, the A9 within Highland, the A 82 within Highland and the A 96 between Inverness and Aberdeen.

...The Council would develop options for a long-term solution which provided a secure and effective transport link between Lochcarron and the Lochalsh area.  In  consultation with partners and the local community, the Council would pursue the options for securing external funding.  It would work with partners to support the delivery of  the Inverness West-Link road and the associated amenity and leisure improvements as well as the Inverness Airport Rail Link

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Deadlines approaching if you wish to make any comments

From Scottish Government e Newsletter

Consultations ending this week

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Consultation on Registerable Marine Activities and on Marine Licence Applications Requiring Pre-Application Consultation

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 20/06/2012
This consultation seeks to determine which currently licensable activities would be suitable for registration instead. At the other end of the scale it also asks which marine licence applications should be subject to pre-application consultation.
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Miscellaneous Amendments to the Planning System 2012

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 22/06/2012
This consultation follows on from that in 2010/2011 on the same area and will include detailed legislative proposals for change. the issues covered include pre-application consultation requirements, neighbour notification and the advertising of planning applications and council interest cases.
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Consultation on the General Permitted Development Amendment Order 2012

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 22/06/2012
Following form previous consultation in 2011, we are now consulting on draft legislation to amend aspects of the general permitted development order
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Fees for Planning Applications 2012

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 22/06/2012
This consultation will seek views on draft regulations that set out a new fee structure and level for planning applications in Scotland.
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Development Delivery Consultation 2012

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 22/06/2012
the purpose of this consultation is to garner views on the efficacy of current processes in delivering development; and to invite views on proposals that could assist the delivery of development and infrastructure.
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Development Plan Examinations

Start date 28/03/2012 - End date 22/06/2012
The Scottish Government is committed to a plan-led system. Some stakeholders have expressed concerns about their experience of the revised examination process for development plans. This consultation seeks views on how that examination process is operating and on a range of possible options to improve the process.
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The Flood Risk Management Act 2009: The Designation of New Responsible Authorities - A Consultation

Start date 19/03/2012 - End date 21/06/2012
A consultation on proposals to designate additional public bodies and office holders as 'responsible authorities' under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.
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Link icon View all current consultations online

Sunday, 17 June 2012

2012 Reith Lectures

The Human Hive

1/4 Niall Ferguson argues that institutions determine the success or failure of nations.

The Darwinian Economy

2/4 Exploring the importance of man-made institutions in driving change around the world.

The Landscape of the Law

3/4 Exploring the importance of man-made institutions in driving change around the world.

Civil and Uncivil Societies

4/4 Exploring the importance of man-made institutions in driving change around the world.