Friday, 5 August 2011

Issue 18 Nairn South; subject of Latest Reporter's Info Request


The reporters have identified that further information, as listed below, should be provided by the Highland Council. It would be helpful if you could send this information to me, to pass on to the reporter, by 19 August 2011.

Issue 18 Nairn South

On page 11 of the schedule 4 form in bullet point 4 the council refers to pre-application advice pack 10/04966/PREAPP. In the second part, section 13 is headed “Comments from outside agencies” in which there is a subsection headed “HITRANS”. Under the HITRANS heading the council says:

“In responding to The Highland-wide Local Development Plan, HITRANS made specific mention of concerns regarding the impact further housing developments in the South Nairn Area would have on Nairn Town Centre and the surrounding streets if these proceeded prior to the provision of an A96 bypass of the town.”

The list of representations on the schedule 4 does not include HITRANS. The full list of representation supplied on disc does not appear to include a representation from HITRANS.
Please provide a copy of the HITRANS response to the Highland-wide Local Development Plan.
Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and confirm that it and, in due course, the council’s responses, have been posted on the council’s website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you would like to clarify.

Full Item here

P and J Reports Trump Group to Fight Windfarm plans

Well, this should be interesting;

Plans have been tabled for a £200million windfarm off the coast of Aberdeen which could help turn the north-east into a global leader in the renewable energy industry.


George Sorial, managing director at the Trump Organisation, vowed last night to object to the application and fight it “using any available legal means in any jurisdiction”.

A must follow for all those interested in the complex debate around the use of windfarms.

Item here

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Latest Request from Reporters

Letter to Principal Planner at Dev Plans Team 04/08/11

The reporters request the following.

1. Submission of the Habitats Regulations Appraisal Record in
respect of the proposed Highland-wide Local development Plan.

2. If the Appraisal Record is not yet ready for submission, the date
by which it will be submitted.

3. Regarding tables 1 and 2 in the item on disk 2 mentioned above:

(a) particulars of any consultation with persons and bodies
(other than Scottish Natural Heritage) carried out as part of
preparing tables 1 and 2; and

(b) confirmation that the Council wishes the proposed plan to
be modified in accordance with tables 1 and 2.

However this sentence in the letter concerns me and I will Clarify this with the Reporter's Unit:

The reporters note the reference to supplementary guidance in the above extract from the explanatory note. They would observe that their examination of the proposed Highland-wide Local Development Plan does not extend to consideration of the actual content of supplementary guidance. Thus, for the purposes of the examination, it appears to them that they do not need to see this guidance.

Have you been contacted yet? Reporter's July Update

The latest on the HwLDP examination web page here

I note below the reporters' monthly progress update for the month of July and shall be obliged if this could be added to the council's website:

"The reporters' work during July has concentrated on the continuing examination of the representations and council responses to decide whether they have sufficient information to conduct the examination. A number of cases have already arisen where the council has been asked for further information in writing, and some answers have already been received. The reporters are also considering whether any oral sessions will be necessary. Initial assessments suggest only two or three issues may require such sessions. If so, potential participants will be informed in early August."

Regards etc


...Initial assessments suggest that only two or three issues may require such sessions...

APTSec has received no letter from the DPEA requesting further info so far; I wonder how many other people have?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Housing Slump says P and J

From P and J

The residential property market in the Highlands and Moray suffered the sharpest decline inScotland during the second quarter of this year, a study has revealed. (Bit more here)

With so many homes still needed just how are we going to create the housing - to provide people with basic shelter and security - with the financial uncertainty predicted to continue?

Oh, and did anyone see, "The Secret Life Of Buildings" on Channel 4 on Monday at 8pm? More here

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farm? Allotment? Kitchen Garden? Smallholding?

A new book authored by Miami based architect Andres Duany championing the production of food in cities has been launched by the Prince’s Foundation. ('Urban Realm' here)

Prince's Foundation, Senior Fellow Andres Duany is quoted as saying:

"We will lose the campaign against climate change unless reform is conceived in a very large scale. This includes agriculture, which cannot remain the initiative of only those well-intentioned groups promoting urban gardens. Developers, those who build the human habitat, must get involved in all aspects. This book is designed to bridge modern development practice and agriculture."

More details of the Book on Amazon here

Some background here

£20 Billion Bill for Redundancy Payments?

Some 20,000 civil servants have lost their jobs in the austerity drive, but the Office for Budget Responsibility is predicting more than 600,000 could ultimately go, landing the taxpayer with a £20 billion bill.

These words form part of an article which gives details of the recent redundancy payouts made to 76 staff, reportedly some 2.7 million, after the closure of the 'Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment' - web details now archived.

A rough estimate indicates that that is less than 40K per person but BDonline gives details of senior staff receiving 6 fig payouts.

Planning also covered this.

Details seem to come originally from the Daily Telegraph with 139 comments posted

Monday, 1 August 2011

Getting Older; Where Would You Choose to Live?

Draft National Strategy For Housing For Older People: Consultation

Some interesting facts in this piece for those wondering what the future may hold. Details here