Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dare you resist?

Could you ever imagine this happening in our communities if any of us seek to speak out against what we feel is unjust?

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

True value of wildlife tourism

"Wildlife tourism plays a vital part in Scotland's rural economy, pulling in millions of pounds and also creating many hundreds of job opportunities.

These findings were contained in a Scottish Government report - 'The Economic Impact of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland' - published today. The report found that wildlife tourism annually brings in a net economic impact of £65 million to Scotland's economy and creates the equivalent of 2,760 full time jobs."

For the full item on the Scottish Government web site and the report itself click here and here

Decent site provision for travellers could save money

Planning daily reports:

"Amnesty International has written to the Scottish Housing Regulator expressing concern over its record of accommodation and services to Gypsy and Travellers."

John Watson, Scottish programme director for Amnesty International, said: "The situation for Scottish Gypsy/Travellers raises fundamental human rights concerns – particularly the rights to health, education, housing and cultural life and freedom from discrimination.

"And research in England suggests that decent site provision can actually save money, through reduced legal and staff costs, while reducing conflict between communities."

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Why no new National Parks?

Planning Daily reports:

"The Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) and the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland called for a comprehensive network of national parks, including the country’s first coastal and marine national park.

The charities, which have launched a project to promote a strategy for new parks, said Scotland’s landscapes rank amongst the best in the world, including wild mountains, pristine rivers and lochs, ancient forests, stunning coastline and islands. "

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Managing development

...Changes to development management are intended to ensure that procedures for applying for planning permission are fit for purpose and responsive to different types of development proposal; that they improve efficiency in developing and determining applications and enhance community involvement at the appropriate points in the planning process. Development Management must operate in support of the Government's central purpose - increased sustainable economic growth. This means providing greater certainty and speed of decision making as a means of creating good quality sustainable places...

For more information access:

Scottish Planning Series Circular 4 2009: Development Management Procedures

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How do you think the new procedures for development management are working?


...The changes to the planning appeal system introduced by the 2006 Act include removal of the automatic right to appear before and be heard by a person appointed by Scottish Ministers, restrictions on the introduction of new material in the appeal process and prohibition of variation of a proposal once an appeal has been made...

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Scottish Planning Series Circular 6 2009: Planning Appeals

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

"Where are all the houses going to go?"

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