Thursday, 10 December 2009

Consultation on the Councillor's Code of Conduct

I was chatting briefly to a senior planning contact this morning and the contact happened to mention that the Scottish Government is now consulting on a:

'Proposal for Amendments to be made to the Councillors’ Code of Conduct'

The Code of Conduct was brought in in 2003;

"The revised Code addresses the way in which councillors should now take decisions on Quasi-Judicial or Regulatory Applications since the changes in the Scottish Planning System have come into effect."

Responses need to be in before 18 February 2010 and more details can be found here

APT in the Press

APT was mentioned in a small item on page 3 of the Inverness Courier this week with respect to our concerns over the consideration of the Airport Business Park application.

We were also mentioned in an item in the Press and Journal click here to read the item.

Busy Bees

The last month has been so hectic and draining for many of us in APT. Issues are now popping up all the time and the whole process of keeping up with the all the consultations and consideration of the major planning applications and appeals means that there are very often not enough hours in a day.

Blogging activity has been reduced but hopefully will pick up again in the run up to Christmas.