Friday, 23 December 2011

The Reporters final update on their HwLDP examination

'One final reporters progress update for December:'

"Reporters Monthly Progress Update for December 2011

The report was delivered to the council on 20 December, three week later than 
we had hoped, but within the Scottish Governments overall examination
targets. It has been a complex exercise, and whilst not everyone will be happy
with our recommendations, we hope that our conclusions will help the
understanding of our reasons for making them.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the examination,
whether through sending a representation to the council, responding to our
requests for further information, or taking part in our two public hearings. As
one of the first plans and examinations to be prepared and conducted through
the new legislative system we have been at time feeling our way, but we hope
our report will provide positive direction for the council in what will be a
challenging time delivering its future development plan programme."

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

HwLDP; Reporters have sent back report to THC

The examination report can be found here

Extract from THC press release as below:

The Highland Council has received the Report of Examination for the Highland wide Local Development Plan from the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals.

This draws to a close the independent examination of the unresolved issues following the consultation on the Highland wide Local Development Plan and now the Council can move forward towards adoption of the plan.
The unresolved issues from members of the public, community groups and the development industry have now been considered by the Reporters, who have, where necessary, made a series of recommendations as to how the Council should change the Plan  These recommendations are binding on the Council and will be reported to the Planning Environment and Development Committee being held on 18 January 2012.

Some of the headline conclusions and recommendations include:

• Support for the Vision and spatial strategies for Highland as a whole;

• Support for the development of the A96 growth corridor between Inverness and Nairn including developments at Tornagrain, Beechwood Campus, East Inverness and Nairn;

• Support for population projections and the housing land supply needed in the Highlands, which are deemed reasonable and in line with Scottish Government policy and guidance;

• Removal of a residential expansion allocation at Culloden Moor;

• Support for developments at key sites in Ross-shire and Caithness, including Nigg, and John O’ Groats;
• Support for all of the general policies of the plan subject to some modifications.

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