Thursday, 4 October 2012

Homelessness, Garages and Office Accomodation

Latest HC Press Releases


The Highland Council has welcomed the latest quarterly statistics on homelessness which show a 36% reduction in homeless presentations in the Highlands compared to a national reduction of 13%.
The Council has also reported that they are meeting the Scottish Government’s targets in relation to priority need assessments in 94% of cases compared to 93% nationally, and that they are well placed to meet the target required by 31 December 2012. 
Councillor Dave Fallows, Chairman of the Finance Housing and Resources Committee, said: “We have also seen a reduction of 17% in the number of households in temporary accommodation compared to a reduction of 6% nationally.  Link here

Then there's,

Highland Councillors have agreed to consult with current garage tenants and residents living close to Council garages and garage sites on the number  currently vacant and on how to make better use of these areas. 

The council owns and manages 1,820 individual garages and 904 individual garage sites.  Currently 1,425 garages are rented out and 653 sites are occupied.

As part of its review the Council will also be seeking views on whether there are opportunities for these premises to be used to help individual micro businesses to start up or be put to greater community use.  Link here

And then there's, 

The Finance, Housing and Resources Committee today (Wednesday) endorsed the recommendations of an outline business case to replace 14 offices in Inverness and 8 in Dingwall with 2 centrally located offices in both Inverness and Dingwall by 2020.
Committee members were advised the outline business case highlighted the scope to achieve savings of £1.45 million per year by reducing office space by 44%.

The next phase of work would identify where the offices will be located and how the project is to be funded. Link here

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inverness City Centre Development Brief

To be found at the end of the report at this link

Extract from the report:

...The brief has been prepared to deliver the aspirations set out in the Inverness 
City Vision by identifying and promoting opportunities and actions for the 
redevelopment and enhancement of the city core.   Under the new Scheme of 
Delegation powers available to the Inverness City Committee, Members are asked to 
approve the City Centre Development Brief as Supplementary Guidance to the 
Highland-wide Local Development Plan.