Saturday, 14 August 2010

The more we say...

...the less effective we become?

I had a conversation yesterday - with someone who shall remain nameless - and the conclusion reached was that 'APTSec' had said (or at least written) enough. The person was not being unkind or unhelpful, the person was merely pointing out that it is possible for any individual to write so many letters that in the end the contents are ignored. The case of 'the usual subjects'.

I have to admit that the output has been pretty prolific lately, and, with what I feel is good cause, but I had been developing a sense that the messages were not getting through.

Now there have been individuals who have resorted to some eye catching tactics, click here, to campaign and raise awareness (the comments after the article here illustrate the mixed feelings that this arouses) but surely it should not come to this?

Well, perhaps I should save my breath and energy for commenting on the Proposed Highland-wide Local Development Plan, but that still leaves the problem of how what needs to be said now is said and to whom by whom.

Answers on a postcard as they say.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Coming to a site near you?

A personal take on a visit to the Expo from Mann's World

However the question for me would be; if you were a single person on let's say 25k per annum (teacher or police officer with a few years experience and training maybe?) would the size of the mortgage you could get cover the cost of a plot of land, the services of the architect and builders and all the fees associated to get a house like one of these built?

If every small settlement in the Highlands however set aside some land to put 10 homes at a time? Would economies of scale for groups who got together make a difference?

Take a look at some of the buildings here:

Comments welcome

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Who's for a Double Dip?

Quite a few organisations apparently!

It is worth having a look at an item from Today's Planning Daily blog which notes:

'Warning: this blog contains gloomy economic predictions that some viewers may find disturbing.

There seems to be a point when gloomy predictions on the state of the economy reach a critical mass and we risk sliding towards disaster. I think we may be at or approaching that point.'

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Get those views in at the right time

Quote for this week

" is now more important than ever before, that any party with an interest in development planning is geared up to submit full representations in relation to an allocation at an early stage in the process"

(Sheppherd and Wedderburn E-Bulletin )