Friday, 23 October 2009

Local Transport Strategy

The consultation on The Highland Council’s local transport strategy is now underway and members of the public have until Friday 11 December to respond to this important document which sets out how the transport system will be developed in the Highland area over the next three years. Following a pre-consultation last winter with public meetings throughout the Highlands, the draft local transport strategy has been finalised.

The consultation document details the key issues that influence the provision of transport and explains the main challenges. A series of objectives have been developed along with policies designed to assist in achieving these objectives. The Council’s programme for investment in transport is also set out in the document. Key to delivering progress will be partnership working with other agencies.

[extract from HC web pages]

"The A96 corridor between Inverness and Nairn is recognised as a growth corridor, with new development established in the last few years, as well as provision for substantial growth over forthcoming years, expecting to increase the population by 30,000 by 2037. Access to Inverness Airport is also along the A96 approximately nine miles east of Inverness."

[extract from the strategy document]

So, according to the transport strategy, the population of the A96 corridor is expected to increase by 30,000 by 2037?

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