Friday, 23 October 2009

Essential factors for locating a business

Cushman & Wakefield has conducted a 'European Cities Monitor' on Europe’s major business cities for the last 20 years. Since 1990 the survey has provided an overview of the perceptions that corporate occupiers have about cities across Europe and their relative attractiveness.

As part of the survey, companies were asked to think about which factors they consider in deciding where to locate their business and the relative importance of these factors.

For 2009 these factors were, in diminishing order of importance:
  • Easy access to markets, customers or clients
  • Availability of qualified staff
  • The quality of telecommunications
  • Transport links with other cities and internationally
  • Cost of staff
  • Value for money of office space
  • The climate governments create for business through tax policies or financial incentives
  • Availability of office space
  • Languages spoken
  • Ease of travelling around within the city
  • The quality of life for employees
  • Freedom from pollution
More at the link here and thanks to 'Under the Raedar' for posting an interesting item about the survey.

How would settlements in the Highlands rate when assessed against these factors?

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