Friday, 26 June 2009

Major Consultation Planned Over Community Council Review (26/06/09)

The Highland Council has just published the following on its web site; information on the Community Council review. See below:

A major review of Community Council arrangements, including boundaries and memberships, is to be undertaken over the next 18 months, including three periods of public consultation.

The Highland Council has agreed to replace the existing eight district schemes with one Highland-wide scheme, based on the Scottish Government’s model scheme which will take effect from December 2010.

The new scheme will consider the size and composition of Community Councils, including boundaries; election procedures, financial support and the code of conduct and associated dispute resolution.

Stage one of the consultation process will begin in September, when the council will announce its intention to revoke the current eight schemes and invite suggestions on the area and composition of Community Councils. This will last for 12 weeks.

The second 12-week period of public consultation will follow in April 2010, after the Council has produced a new Highland-wide draft scheme. This will include discussion at Ward Forums.

A third period of consultation will follow in October, next year, when the public is invited to comment on amendments to the draft scheme.

The new scheme should be presented to the Council for adoption in December, next year.
Councillor Carolyn Wilson, Chairman of the Council’s Resources Committee, said: “This is a significant review of current Community Councils. Community Councils can be assured that they will be consulted all along the way to ensure we produce a streamlined and effective set of new arrangements.”

The Council currently provides Community Councils in Highland with annual funding of £208,951.-ends-

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