Friday, 1 July 2011

Will Delnies 'Reserve' Land move be promoted?

So 08/00080/OUTNA will be considered by the INBS PAC on 5th July. Officers are recommending the Grant of planning permission for this major development covering some 638no Ha west of Nairn at Delnies. However, the 300 residential units; Tourism and Heritage Centre; Hotel, Spa and Conference facilities; Golf Course, Equestrian Centre etc. may not be the total amount of development on the site in the period to 2031 and possibly beyond.

Some of this land is also allocated for 2,100 houses in the A96 framework (and by the by the boundary for the application does exceed that which is shown for the Delnies area on the A96 Framework.)

As I read it, Delnies is given a 300no house allocation during the period 2011-2020 in the HwLDP but nothing from 2021-2031 and in their representation to the HwLDP the landowners are requesting that if no allocation is given to Delnies in the medium and longer terms then the wider landholding (shown as green hatched areas north and south of the A96 on the submission here) should be given the status of 'Strategic Reserve Land'. This would be reserved for development to come forward in the event of Nairn South / Tornagrain / Whiteness failing to deliver the appropriate level of housing to meet the Plan's requirements and the longer term growth strategy of the A96 Corridor.

I must admit to being confused but won't go on any more with detail about HNDA and Nairn's allocation in the A96 Corridor - over the 30 years of the A96 Framework - and numbers for Nairn in the HwLDP.

So given my thoughts in previous posts about the change of emphasis on proposed development in the A96 Corridor it will be interesting to see if this area of land makes it into the reserves and from there, well who knows?

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